Natsukashii"  -  some small thing that brings you suddenly, joyously back to fond memories, not with a wishful longing for what's past, but with an appreciation of the good times "

Healing Runes 

 Open your heart & invite the universe to whisper...

The word ‘rune’ means whisper or secret and runes are used within divination or oracle readings to help the question bearer find solace, answers, and solutions to the questions they bring to the runes.

Natsukashii Healing Runes are 25 small timber rounds that have l​etters etched onto them, resembling primitive markings. Similar to tarot cards, runes are used to get insight or messages from the collective consciousness. Runes are divination tools from which one can seek advice or further develop psychic abilities.​

The collection contains 25 runes that have been imprinted with reiki healing energy, a user guide & incense.

I use locally sourced tiny timber rounds from Warburton Victoria. These tiny rounds are created from branches / fallen trees on private properties. I personally select each round for each individual rune by look, feel and smell.  

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Elements of Life runes

the universe is yours to understand & explore....​


The four elements of western culture are: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. These four elements are believed to be essential to life.

I felt called to create these small runes as a way to ask & receive guidance as to how one may understand where an imbalance in a life element may exist, and how we can incorporate more of that element into our daily lives.

These runes are handmade by me, imprinted with reiki energy by me & created by me for YOU. 

The set includes the 4 runes imprinted with reiki energy, incense and a user guide which explains the foundation of each element and how you can begin to incorporate them into your daily life.

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Rune Readings 

Using my own set of handmade runes - we will cast a set together and explore both the earthly meaning and spiritual meaning behind each rune, individually and collectively within the set. Similar to tarot cards, runes are a magical divination tool that will provide you with clarity, meaning and connection.

The runes i work with are handmade by me, imprinted with reiki energy by me and energetically connected to me. They combine the magic of mother earth, nature and divine connection & guidance. 

These runes are truly a magical tool for connection. 

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