My Story 

Hello, my name is Natalie but please call me Nat.

I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and 2 cheeky step sons and have lived in Point Lonsdale, a truly beautiful part of the world since 2015.. 

 The baby of the family is our 5-year-old Great Dane, Gracie.  She can be seen most mornings walking along Point Lonsdale promenade.

Our blended family works well, and we all are extremely blessed & grateful.

My Journey 

 My journey with alternative health and wellness began approximately 5 years ago when i started regular yoga practice and i witnessed the way my body was healing itself. 

 That initial interest grew and i am now a qualified Reiki Master, Crystal and Intuitive healing practitioner. Yoga and reiki have introduced me to some beautiful souls that i am truly privileged to have in my world.



My mission is to offer a place of total comfort, relaxation and peace that allows you the opportunity to drift off to another time where there is no stress, no worries & no concerns and therefore giving the body time to heal itself! 

My healing space is a place of total compassion & understanding - never any judgement.



My vision is, one connection at a time, create a world where we all can see the beauty and magic that is all around us, feel the freedom to be ourselves and simply just love one another.

Client Testimonials 

" thank you for trusting me...."  

My healing experience with Nat was ethereal. 

I am so grateful for the space Nat held for me during our session. She took incredible care with everything that came up for me, making me feel safe and understood. I had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time, waking feeling refreshed and recharged. 

This was single handedly the best experience I have had and I am beyond grateful that Nat is now a part of my healing journey. I cannot wait to explore more with her and continue this experience.​ 

Nat is a natural healer. 

From the moment I arrived I felt completely safe and supported. I was blown away by the things Nat picked up on. Physically Nat picked up on areas of discomfort and emotionally she held the space for me that i needed to begin my healing journey.

 I felt completely relaxed and at ease and that night slept better than I can remember. I look forward to continuing my work with Nat.

The addition of crystals and oils made the experience so magical.


This beautiful lady has a unique soul and presence that will honestly do wonders! 

Such a welcoming and beautiful human with a relaxing space! I went into her healing room with lots of bad energy and i went out feeling like a new person! She follows up with you after the service too which makes the entire experience even more personal and unique! Im booking my daughter a session and another treatment for me during the week! Nat! I seriously don't know how to thank you!​

Namaste   xx